Nat Geo Upfront

case study

The following is a glimpse into the creative process behind our National Geographic Channel upfront toolkits. Thanks to the visionary leadership of our friends at NGC, we had the rare opportunity to create a really thoughtful and design-centered package for all three Nat Geo properties. We designed and templated three complementary systems for National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, and the parent entity, NGCS.

Early in the process, we settled on the beautiful and sophisticated Stag family as the typographic voice of the toolkit. The stylistic flexibility and range of expression gave us a great starting point for the elaborate system we envisioned. The next thing we did was begin to establish some ground rules for how to use the different weights and styles…

We also set up some color and texture parameters so that the entities would feel unified but distinct. This included the way that footage and photography was color-treated.

The most elaborate aspect of the toolkit was an extremely flexible set of title configurations, text animations, transitions and graphic embellishments that populated a vast library of content which was being created for the upfront. It was a really fun design exercise which lead to a super customizable set of polished title card animations and interstitial graphics.

In the end, due to the overlapping timeline and sheer volume of content being created, we animated one complete set and sent the style guides and toolkits that we created over to NGC to farm out to others. It was a fun and extremely collaborative experience. Huge love and respect goes to Andy, Carla and the rest of the Nat Geo team for the creative risks that they were willing to take and for getting us involved in the first place. : )