Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

in-game cinematics

This was easily one of our coolest project experiences ever. We had the pleasure of joining forces with the amazingly talented directors, artists, and producers at Infinity Ward to help lay the foundation for the concept behind Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode. This series of six videos introduces each of the available combat rigs and some of their special weapons and features, done in the style of a military technology commercial or, in the case of the two SDF rigs, a raw test footage / propaganda video. These videos play in-game the first time you play or unlock a new rig.

We created all the environments based on sketches from IW’s concept artists and brainstorming sessions with their development team. Each weapons manufacturer has a unique testing facility setup that fits with the personality of the rig. The characters themselves are based on the actual in-game models, run through our render pipeline, and paired with motion capture footage that we shot at IW.

Part of the challenge was telling the story + showing the unique features of each rig in an extremely compressed format, accounting for the fact that these videos often play during the 60 seconds between mutliplayer rounds in which the player may also want to modify their loadout once they select the new rig they’ve unlocked. On that note, the music (which we handled for three of the spots) was created within the style of the game and made to blend tonally with the in-game audio beds.