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There are several characteristics that we look for in a potential team member. For our creative team, an extremely high level of natural artistic talent is super high on the priorities list, but there are dozens of tangible and intangible character qualities that we’re hoping to find as well. Our team really is like a family. We genuinely enjoy working together, learning from one another, having each other’s backs, and constantly pushing ourselves as team, both creatively and technically. In order to preserve that dynamic, we want to welcome in like-minded artists who are humble, ambitious, easy-going, dependable, passionate, and in turn can really thrive in a team environment.

Another aspect that makes working at Capacity unique is the true multi-disciplinary atmosphere. Everyone on the creative team can handle just about every phase of the process – from concept to design and through all phases of animation / production. Of course, we try to play to the strengths of each artist and let them gravitate to the things they love most, or help them expand their skillset into new areas of interest. The common denominators are a pride in one’s work, a personal ownership of the success of each project, and a desire to always be inspired and engaged in a significant way.

Because of our approach, we honestly have a hard time putting formal titles on our roles. We have a handful of directors and all the other artists have a “designer + animator” title, but it doesn’t mean we all don’t also do illustration, 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, sculpting, editing, writing, photography, or whatever else we’re passionate about and really good at. What it means is that we’re also very open to hiring talented artists who don’t exactly fit the typical “designer + animator” description, as long as they have a strong desire to learn and grow and be challenged. We also love having super diverse skillsets and interests, and we often try to go after projects that will scratch specific creative itches of our team.

For all the visual people out there, we put together a checklist of what we’re looking for in potential candidates. There are three categories – character qualities, knowledge + abilities, and tools (which is by far the least important). We don’t expect anyone to possess all of these qualities / abilities and certainly don’t expect one person to be expertly skilled or even proficient with all of these tools, but the more of each that apply, the better. ; )


We are currently looking to add at least one new artist to the team. Again, this is a loose title since we’re open to all areas of creative expertise that would add value to the team, but at the moment we’re probably most interested in someone who has a strong design + motion graphics focus. The ideal candidate would possess several of the qualities and abilities listed in our chart, as well as have formal schooling in their area of expertise or at least two years of professional experience. Our vision is to bring in raw talent that we can take under our wings and skill up as a team.

In this role, you’ll jump right into high profile projects with the rest of our design team and work closely with our directors and project leads. We have high expectations from day one, but also want to set you up for success on a daily basis and pass along whatever knowledge and insight we can. We see every team member as a long term investment of our time and expertise, so we work hard to try to make sure that everyone is engaged, inspired, and challenged.

As an added bonus requirement, since most of our clients are in the video game industry, we prefer our team members be active gamers. We won’t require you to be able to hang with our semi-pro Overwatch team (slight exaggeration) right from the start, but a genuine interest and passion for gaming is huge plus.

If that all sounds exciting and you feel up to the challenge, definitely reach out to share your work and tell us more about yourself. Please send the following to :

– resume
– personalized cover letter
– portfolio links

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!